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Achieve Strategic Velocity™ 

Together, we help you rethink uncertainty.
A440 Management LLC is a management consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations make decisions under uncertainty. With Decision Science as the foundation, we blend multiple approaches to create strategic velocity.

A440 Management specializes in confronting complex issues and uncertainty using applied decision sciences and Bayesian methods. We use the DIRECT™ framework to enable organizations to make better decisions under uncertainty. 

Our Perspectives

Strategy is about choosing what we will and will not do

These choices are decisions we have to make under highly uncertain & competitive environments with imperfect information

There is pressure to act quickly or we lose the market moment

These combined factors increases the likelihood that our natural human biases will kick in. 

Our brains are designed to look for decision making shortcuts to keep moving, but moving based on bad decisions is bad for business

Our expertise is in hacking these biases to make better decisions under uncertainty.

Our Solution

A440’s “Applied Decision Science” (ADS) toolkit :​​​

  • Uses the DIRECT™ method to simplify the applied decision sciences into 7 simple principles.​​

  • Centers on tackling the known human biases that plague decision making under uncertainty.​​

  • Embraces and quantifies uncertainty, enabling organizations to profit from it with proven methods.​​

  • Leverages decision-making tools that have been proven over decades of real-world use.​​

  • Uses a systematic approach of: Build, Implement, Monitor, and Adapt that allows us to update our beliefs through learning in Hi-V decisions.​​

  • Provides scaffolding to improve decision-making skills within the organization post our involvement.​​

  • Measures quality of decisions at the time they are made.​

  • Delivers high ROI due to path dependence of many decisions, focus on DMUU instead of risk-reduction.​

Our Expertise


Over 15 years of corporate strategic projects in Fortune 50 companies including re-organization, market expansion, mergers & acquisitions


R&D and Venture

Studio development, investment thesis formulation, portfolio management, coaching, and end-to-end operating model design

Process Improvement

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt capabilities in-house

Training & Development

Experience in design and delivery of corporate training programs in Finance and Decision Analysis

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