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Redefining how organizations handle uncertainty 

Getting from point A to point B requires direction and speed. We define this as Strategic Velocity™

Human bias and poor decision making under uncertainty (DMUU) leads to a lack of directional clarity. 


Human bias and inefficient processes result in being too slow to capitalize on opportunities. 

We need a deliberate approach to overcome bias, deploy efficient processes, and make good decisions under uncertainty. 

Strategic Velocity™ is the prime directive.


Innovation is needed: Our analysis highlights the increasingly important role innovation must play to secure economic health.

Innovation is stalling: Success rates for innovation are not improving.  In some cases they are declining, even with the proliferation of innovation literature.

Innovation is uncertain: Even when we “do everything right” the bets organizations make may not create value.  Dealing with that uncertainty is key.

Innovation is process: Even though innovation is ultimately a creative exercise, the right principles supported by the right process will increase success.

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