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What We Believe

We believe strategy is about velocity, which is a vector defined by clear direction and appropriate speed. Human bias prevents us from achieving both. Our approach counteracts bias and achieves velocity through 7 imperatives.

Focus on Velocity


Strategic problems require clarity of direction and speed. Speed + direction = velocity. This is what matters most. Sometimes we go slow, to go fast. 

Rethink Uncertainty


Strategic problems are difficult because of uncertainty. Our best approach is to embrace that uncertainty and represent it in our analysis. Avoid point estimates.

Find More Options


Your solution to a strategic problem will only be as good as the alternatives you consider. Avoid false dichotomies. No alternatives = no decision

See the Hidden Factory


In Lean, the "Hidden Factory" means the problem/process is never just what is stated. You have to look for what's not obvious and critique what you think is obvious. Trust your eyes, not your documentation

Believe the Market


We are all susceptible to bias whether we like it or not. The truth as we see it has to match the truth that the market sees. Believe the market, don't believe your gut. 

Love the Problem


Strategic problems may require many iterations. The faster we can abandon a disproven path the better. The mantra of the Lean Start-Up movement is true for strategic problems too. Obsess about problems, not solutions.

Clarify Preferences


You can't make a strategic decision if you're not clear about what you want or what you'll give up. You can't make a strategic decision, if it doesn't map to your ultimate destination. Adjust preferences, never principles. 

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